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Conde de Aranda 1
28001 Madrid

Int. Bus Terminal




35 000 m²


Client: WSE Vienna Location Development GmbH

User: WH Fernbus Terminal Projektentwicklung GmbH

Type: Infrastructure

Program: Office, Hotel, Transport & mixed-use

General Planer: Mischek Bauträger Service GmbH

Sustainability in durability


Vienna's new International Bus Terminal is located in the 2nd district by the Danube. It interfaces with the Handelskai, one of the city's main traffic routes. From there, the project symbolizes the new gateway into the city; surrounded by large-scale stadiums and shopping centers.

The elongated building is set back from the street to create an urban square to the south while the diagonal positioning creates a generous green space between the bus terminal and the cycling stadium.

The volume tapers down towards the Danube, adapting to the scale of the urban fabric in its context. At the same time the steps provide a variety of external spaces that synergize with the different programs.


Our objective was to develop a megastructure, which reflects the durability of its infrastructural neighbors. Adding a multitude of different programs, we wanted to create a truly mixed-use building, that offers a glance into the multi-layered dynamics of our future urban life.

The terminal hall is the heart of the project. Inside this large space, the interaction between travelers, visitors and workers take place. The bus terminal its self operates underneath, protected by a lightweight roof structure. On top of this structure, the ground floor creates a pedestrian-friendly and interactive traffic floor. The offices and the Hotel occupy the higher floors, complemented by an iconic roof top terrace oriented exactly towards the Stephansdom.


The entire building is subject to a modular system which allows for a variety of functions in terms of room height and organization. The grid, with 8.1m, allows a variation of use, from office, hotel to residential and other commercial programs. This combination allows for the building to offer its services to the city of Vienna as an ever-changing infrastructure.

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