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Terrace Tower


Los Angeles


60 000 m² *

Design: Raoul Skrein, Patrice Gruner

Type: Residential

Program: Apartments, Shops

The typical LA villas are stacked to a compact tower with terraces.


The geographical sprawl of Los Angeles has reached its zenith. The distances and commuting times have become unbearable for its population. Los Angeles needs to be compacted in order to be sustainable and to enhance life quality. This process has already started in Downtown, the formerly thriving epicentre of the city.


The typical American lifestyle is projected onto the suburban residential typologies as can be found in Hollywood or Beverly Hills. By stacking many of these individual typologies to a 270 meter tall tower in the centre of Downtown Los Angeles we combine the qualities of suburban lifestyle in an urban setting. Each unit is therefore given at least one terraced side with garden and pool and one “city oriented” overhanging side with an open kitchen/living space.


Once again the stereotypical residential typology of American lifestyle can be used to enhance life quality of the population. However, not to lure families to the outskirts (as it happened in the 1920s) but to make contemporary compression in the city centre more attractive. The bold urban setting and the heterogenic mix of suburban and urban qualities will form a symbol for contemporary American lifestyle in Downtown Los Angeles.

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